Our website is the world’s largest and best one night stand site for singles and couples to find like-minded person. While you click the “Join Now” button, you will jump to the world's largest bi dating site (bicupid).

Then you will be asked to choose your identity. If you are a woman, choose bi curious woman, and the couple choose bi curious couple. None of this will affect your dating to the people who you want to date.

Then there are some normal registration procedures. as long as you follow the procedures, you can easily obtain your free account number.

When you have your own account and want to start looking for friends, you must pay attention to the following points:


Post as many photos of yourself as possible

Let other members know that you are a real user, not an unused account

The picture must be the real yourself.

Don't put photos other than yourself, such as your cat, dog or other people's photos. The purpose is to let people who want to date know you in advance. This is a regular dating platform. everyone's purpose is very clear. find the person you want.

Photos should be as attractive as possible

How to attract people? Of course it's not for you to put some pictures that are too pornographic. What you need is to post the photos you like, and these photos are best close to your life.

2.self - introduction

It takes a little time to fill in the self - introduction

This is a way to let others know you and others quickly. if you think it is good, you can communicate further. if you don't like it, you can pass it.

Self - introduction should be accurate

You need to accurately write down your own situation and needs, especially needs. Only in this way can it be matched accurately. The rest can give a little introduction to your hobbies.


If someone ( including you ) is interested in the first and two, it is likely that they will take the initiative to contact. At this time, you need to check their data first, then simply communicate to see if they are looking for friends, because there will always be a small number of people who will attack maliciously.

When sending the first sentence of the message, it is best not to use words such as hey and hello. praise or interrogative sentences are better choices.


When you decide to date someone or some people, please let go of your shackles and treat them sincerely. I believe you can definitely forge a wonderful relationship.